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    Monster Beats Dre (sábado, 05 mayo 2012 01:31)

    Bill Gates came to the gates of heaven after death.
    : Well, you can choose to go to heaven or hell. Examine, and then
    Tell me the result.
    Bill looked around the stern of people singing hymns, and praise to God (and perhaps also with
    Ada); he went to hell, I saw the sun sand beach, beautiful clouds, full of C and Basic, wine
    Does not intoxicate himself drunk. Bill said, hell, I like! He returned to St. Peter.
    : Look, you are engaged in here, very good, but hell seems to be better. This ......
    : No problem, you can go.
    Bill returned to hell, in Daoshanhuohai and the pan in the suffering, tormented. He is indeed subject to
    Can not wait.
    He cried with a loud voice: St. Peter's ---! How beautiful wines here are gone? : Not
    Since you say is the DEMO version ...

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    Alain (miércoles, 11 julio 2012 07:48)

    Nice one info, thx

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    paola (jueves, 07 febrero 2013 08:30)


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